How well do you think the course conveyed those takeaways?

Certainly, making sure to test everything, then test everything again, was something that was hammered in very well, with the constant focus on writing tests first, checking tests during exercises, and so on, during the project. The benefits of lazy loading made themselves obvious many times as well. With regard to the proper designs for algorithms and containers, while those were certainly topics we discussed, I would not call them something of a main takeaway. Looking for places where code could be reused, and trying to make it as modular as possible, is definitely something I got, in particular from the readings.

Were there any other particular takeaways for you?

The main thing was the feeling of working on a multi-month project with several phases and checkpoints, it was very useful information. How to manage time, how to divide up tasks, how to deal with issues, etc.

How did you feel about two-stage quizzes and tests?

I wasn’t really a fan of the collaborative portions, since they mostly felt like kind of a waste of time, since we blew through them much quicker than the individual portions. The questions themselves would probably need to be a little more extensive, given the amount of time we had. The individual portions were basically fine, though.

How did you feel about cold calling?

I thought it was a good idea to maintain focus and concentration during class, and was good for digging into questions, and getting things explained clearly. Definitely nerve-wracking, but a net positive for the class.

How did you feel about office hours?

Office hours were pretty useful for getting questions answered, the instructors were always helpful and accepting of questions, and made sure everything was satisfactory. No complaints here.

How did you feel about lab sessions?

I’d say much the same about the lab sessions as I did about the office hours.

Give me your suggestions for improving the course.

I’m not sure if I have much to say here, I thought the course was great.